Run for your Life

Run for Your Life (excerpt) is an emotional and embodied call to survival, bringing to mind colonial atrocities such as deaths in custody and cultural genocide. Performed at Bar Open, Melbourne, March 2022. Backing music was composed using cello and electronic beats. Live performance bowed electric guitar and voice. Pictures: F. Rizzo

Maree Clarke and cultural pride

Anna Liebzeit
2012; printed 2018 Maree Clarke

As a composer, I understand time as a series of sound movements, often with a feeling attached. When Maree came to my house to allow me to experience the Copi work, a ritual for mourning, my body responded the same as when I’m in the depths of musical improvisation. A dissolving of the ego, a feeling of total freedom, and a profound sense of connection. The power of art is in ritual, the power is in process.