Silence to freedom

My son Ben expanding

Over the last few years I have had internet collaborations with artists (Peter Buermann, germany and John Brennand, Adelaide). Recently I have been working over the internet with fellow creative Farhad Bandesh. This collaboration is sustained despite a set of unjust and complex barriers. Farhad is detained by the Australian Government on Manus Island, this is his 5th year there. It is a humanitarian crisis and Australia’s shame.

For those of you interested in the nuances of creative practice over the internet and phone I can say that, ‘listening’ has taken on vast and multilayered meanings and developed deep listening skills. It feels from my end that to make the most of who we are we have to listen to where we are, to each other respectfully and to inspiration. Imagine this model as a set of concentric circles resonating in different frequencies depending on the points of contact.

The collaboration is what I began to call ‘activism of the heart’ (not knowing about Marquis at the time) but instead inspired by my research in Education, Freire’s Pedagogy of the Heart and indigenous methodologies and well being. Even pursuing this collaboration is an act of decolonisation as I take who I am (an Aboriginal woman with german heritage) and centre it creatively and methodologically. I cannot make music without squinting to blur the vision and being open to what arises, it has been like that forever.

So, what arises?

Questions unfurling about creative practice; creating an embodied experience without being physically with a person, working with a growing palette of the immaterial, the role of audio in this type of collaborative work, the role of the senses in this work (which ones are perceiving the most and being the creative driver).

Thinking and feeling (the head and the heart) must be in dialogue for there to be Art and insight. Despite all this, put simply Farhad and I are friends who make music we like to make.

On the cusp of the new year I made Farhad a present, it was a recording one of his poems on an out of tune guitar with five strings that went for about 1 minute, because otherwise the data would not send. You can listen to that song here.

He liked it and encouraged a studio version of the song, and that can be heard here. I think if we were to have a motto it would be something like; if we can make it, we will.

Silence to Freedom. Lyrics: Farhad Bandesh, Recording: Anna Liebzeit

Picture is of my son Ben expanding

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