On the eve of forever

There’s the language that we speak, the language that we write and the language of the imagination. Rudolf Liebzeit.


Tonight is the eve of a full moon and the anniversary of the day my dad Rudolf Liebzeit died. He lived a life with many layers and as many or more truly amazing stories; yes he did teach Arnold Schwarzenegger to drive in Austria when they were 19. And he really was a Liebzeit (meaning lovetime), being able to see to the heart of a person, and speaking to that part. His creativity was expressed through his love of music, and the operas he’d conceive and tell me about, singing little melodies and including lighting design and feelings with a story. He expressed his compositions in complex rock work as a bricklayer and stonemason, his large hands tender to their form, sometimes finding the shape of a heart in brick and laying it facing the world. He told me:

When you love someone and are far away from them, don’t worry. They will be thinking of you each time they turn a rock.

Dad, I miss you seeing the heart of me and talking to that place. It’s lonely here without that treasure you showed me. Tomorrow I will find a rock to love.

Through the broken pieces of my family I was lucky because I learnt to trust the imagination. Here’s an impromptu video we made after a day at our haunt Jimmy Watson’s. It features music and voice recorded during a parody phase I went through after a serious car accident, I had been amusing myself at the time because I was bored having a broken neck. It sniggers at the self importance of a ‘famous’ muso I met in Berlin in my 20’s, you know when they bang on and you just roll your eyes. Now I hold all that affectionately and compassionately but back then I said to dad, ‘I have this song, I’ll film if you be the man in it, just put on this wig and beret and move your mouth’. And unflinchingly he listened to the song twice and knocked out this stellar lip sync.

This has been sitting on a hard drive for years unseen and is poor picture quality but perfect to me, especially now. I wouldn’t have thought to pop this on my site but I showed it to a friend recently who thought it was funny and poignant, so here it is. Please enjoy the world premiere of ‘The Heads’ by Anna and Rudolf Liebzeit.

Now, sashay away x


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