Body of water… an object of knowledge

Often my relationship with the world is understood through my relationship with sound. Active listening sometimes allows my body to surrender expectations, allowing the experience of art as a verb. Vibrational practices exploring difficult felt spaces became material when limitations are resisted. Margaret Cameron (2016) writes;

In many ways it is beyond my comprehension that a thought or a feeling might become perceivable as dimensional. It is a miracle that I am the first to audience. In this way I learn.

Critical engagement with auto biography levers the personal into a radical reconnection of our relationships with one another.

Right now I can breathe on my own (mourning song with duduk)

Performance pictures working with voice and space. 

Singing Water, Gadigal Country. Incubator Residency, Queen Street Studio, Sydney, 2011

Cuckoo, Footscray Community Arts Residency, FCAC Melbourne. Paper and cardboard room made by Anna Liebzeit. Audience viewed the performance as they stood or walked around the perimeter of the room. The performance took place inside.

Membrane, a paper and cardboard site specific performance installation, Footscray Arts Centre. Slits cut into the paper walls were where the interior of the room could be viewed from. By Anna Liebzeit, 2005.

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