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IMG_1770 Hello and welcome to this website where you can find audio pieces and other treats. I’m Anna, a proud Aboriginal woman with German heritage who set up this site to post old and new audio projects that do not necessarily fall into a particular genre, but are typical of my explorative nature. This site will be home to an eclectic mix of work that demonstrates a genuine fascination and passion with audio as an expressive medium spanning many years.

Making audio projects for over twenty-five years has led to explorations of many kinds. Some projects include; singing water, bands, installation, performance art, theatre, film, t.v documentary and radio.

Collaborations across genres have been with Brown Cab Productions (Heart is Wasteland, The Hunter, My Lovers Bones, In the light of the Shadow),  Illbidjerri Theatre (Foley, Body Armour, Tiddalik), Steve Stelios Adam (Fuge of the Infinite Loop, Singing Scar Tree), Dee and Cornelius (SHIT), The Treaters (Outlaws, Ther-Happy, The Little Worlds of the Treater Universe), Maree Clarke (Ritual and Ceremony) and Robyne Latham (The Empty Coolamon’s) to name a few. Anna is one half of audio production team ADAM & LIEBZEIT with Steve Stelios Adam (Revealed, Eel Trap, Singing scar tree).

More recently there has been sustained sounding (vocal) training with John Brennand, clocking up over 60 hours of focused body, breath and vocal work. Conceptual and practical performance development has been with Helen Sharp and John Howard and my darling and forever inspirational Margaret Cameron as part of Performance Practicum, In the company of Others.

Formal stuff: Diploma in Sound Therapy, Cert IV Training and Assessment, Bachelor of Education, Honours in Fine Art and are currently a PhD candidate with the faculty of Education, Monash University. Making connections through Arts-based methodologies, embodying practice and living an authentic life inform current teaching and making practices.

I was born, live and make most of my work on the lands of the Kulin Nations. I would like to pay my respects to Elders past, present and future.


Anna Liebzeit