Recording with headphones… Elvis would rush in.


Many moons ago I went to Germany for a month. After time spent in the north I went to the south to breathe in the Alps. It was there I recorded this song using my phone and the microphone input of my headphones (hence the phasing). Guitar and vocal is in the one take, with a wee bit of post-production. I had bought the electric guitar in Berlin a few weeks before. Such a beautiful tone even unplugged.

Apparently in love “only fools rush in”… x

Enough is Enough

Today marks dimly the consciousness of Australia and it’s political parties. The death of a man on Manus who needed urgent medical help exemplifies how barbaric indefinite detention is, and how it needs to end. Men, women and children need freedom so they can rebuild and begin to heal. Australia and it’s colonial discourse must be accountable for this mess. (language warning)


Image Liebzeit: Lombrum, Manus Island 2018


I discovered this video I made a few years back. The audio was recorded on my Iphone 4 in the liminal space of being awake and being asleep. A deep dream, visited by a dying woman. She slips between the cracks of matter and begins to howl, and I fall too. Her message to me is to sing, an object, knowledge? She is shot. I grieve, she will never sing again, it is her grief. ‘She’ is my ancestral link and she came to teach me something. Keep moving forward creatively, don’t be shot and killed by a colonial discourse. Never forget love deep, hard and howling.