Urban Dreams 2002

Recently I was contacted by the innovative and inspiring Markus Cremers, whom I first met in Germany, 2002. At the time he’d heard me singing at a friends house in Koln, and invited me to his repurposed water tower/ recording studio in Oberhausen. I went, and this was made. It’s a sweet memory of a bygone era.

Venice Biennale 2019

A review of audio!

“In a suspended dimension, such as the protagonists’ lives, Anna Liebzeit’s music becomes a decisive linguistic element: now enveloping, now sinister, it follows the hysterical trend of their wavy relationship, disclosing that penumbra imbued with a lost, non-durable, intimacy.”

Simone Nebbia Arsenale Theater, Venice – Biennale Teatro 47, July 2019

Susie Dee. Love is out of air


Venice was a treat, so beautiful… congratulations to the entire LOVE and SHIT team.