Stars called our name

There are various versions of this poem to music, from distorted guitar, to acoustic, and this light electric – all housed in my dodgy phone recording folder, awaiting a studio uplifting… so folks it’s just this for now. Words and music by Anna Liebzeit

Painting by Timoleon, 2021

An exquisite album

Its hollow lung believes lazily from within the little songs of the mutilated

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From the site: “Its hollow lung believes lazily from within the…” is the thirty-third volume of Exquisite Corpse music from the sound art collective Little Songs Of The Mutilated. Created between July 13th-18th 2020, the process adapts the old Surrealist parlour game for an online sound and music collaboration. The 6 pieces were worked on concurrently, one round per day, each with an unique permutation to the order of players to maximize both the variety in results and challenge in the process. The only parameter predetermined was the duration of each contribution, in an effort to democratize the process and authorship.

I was so happy to be invited to participate on such a great project.

kipli paywuta lumi at MONA FOMA

This work combined Merinda’s fiddle playing with my own violin recordings in a musical collaboration spanning geographic and time differences. Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water were the movements of the score, with a duration of 1 hour listened to whilst the audience sat in the structure and ate a specially prepared meal on Country.